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Job Search Coaching

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My goal in taking on job search coaching clients is to help people understand 5 key areas:​​​

Because I find these areas of equal importance, ideally I work with clients for at least 5 sessions (1 for each of the above). I find that many sessions allow us to get to know each other, get to the core of what you are looking for and give me time to give you the tools and advice necessary to help your search.


You can book one off sessions with me, but those will be more in price as it's not my ideal long term setup. That said, they can be effective for 'phone a friend' type advice needed within an serarch process.

Job Search Package


5 sessions for $1,500.00 ($300/session). Each session is 50 minutes.

Expect at least 1 session a week with homework each session.

If you buy this package you will have the option to add on more sessions for the $300/session price. 

One-Off Session

50 minute session with topic of your choice for $400/session.

Example topics - negotiation, interview prep, general quick advice.

Things to note: Sessions are to be pre-paid and there are no refunds.  I do not guarantee job placement, but you should feel like my work helps you! My area of expertise is anything in the tech realm, with a focus on engineering and product (but open to others as I have hired for everything). I reserve the right to decline working with clients.

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