Underpin is a new type of people company. We collaborate with employers to lay the foundation for building teams, helping them find lovely new employees and set them up for success in their organizations.

If you are looking for a strategic arm to add to your internal team, Underpin is the company for you. 


We have a few options for collaboration depending on your needs.

  • Retainer - For a monthly fee you can have access to underpin for all sorts of people ops and recruiting needs. Including, but not limited to:

    • Building job descriptions​, hiring processes and rubrics

    • Understanding and assessment of current org and people needs

    • Establishing onboarding plans to enable new employee success

    • Candidate searches

  • Projects - Short term needs like hiring process assessment, employee handbooks, Values updates and more can be handled by Underpin.

  • Hiring - A more 'traditional' recruitment model based on a flat fee. 

  • Hiring + Interview Support - We'll help you build job descriptions​, hiring processes and rubrics along with outreach and interviewing. 

Want to know more or connect and brainstorm?