How we met: I originally heard about Humu through a Twitter friend, Sophie Alpert, who used to lead the React team at Facebook. I love seeing women leaders in the engineering space, so it was a company I wanted to keep my eye on. I was lucky enough that their team reached out to me when I mentioned that I was taking on new clients. 

What stands out to me: Humu is a 100 person company that just raised their Series C for 60 million. This is important because it means that they have stability and growth, but that they haven't grown their team too quickly (which can often negatively impact the culture of an organization). They were founded by Laszlo Bock who used to be Google's Head of HR and helped build the culture they are famous for.

About their team: Humu has an office in Mountain View, if that's your thing, but also pivoted to a remote first organization during the pandemic. They have folks who sit all over the US.