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How we met: I know Jeli a couple of different ways! Nora Jones (not the singer), the founder & CEO of Jeli has been in the same tech circles as me for years. She is absolutely someone I constantly hear positive things about and admire. Additionally, before I started my own company, I worked internally at organizations and have hired a couple people who now work at Jeli. Tech is always a very small world. 

What stands out to me: Jeli is a group of really kind people who are trying to build a product that helps out engineers. Everyone I've interacted with a Jeli is low ego and they have done a good job of building an early team that looks like their customer assortment of people! It is also impressive to me when an early team has parental leave, 401k and they even do a 2 week PTO when you start to avoid burnout. It highlights that they are really trying to build a people first organization. 

About their team: Jeli is about 30 people spread across the US. They are growing, but not hypergrowth, which means they can focus on adding people steadily while continuing to build the culture of empathy and emotional intelligence they have started. 

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