Open Roles

I am collaborating with these companies to fill roles. Let me know if you are interested!

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FireHydrant is the incident management platform for businesses to manage their complex systems. Their solutions allow developers to resolve, learn, and mitigate incidents faster so they can focus on what matters most: keeping business operations running smoothly and customers happy.


FH is a fully distributed (US only) Series A organization of about 30 people. They actively promote, and live out, a culture of care and work life balance. 


If interested email me or apply directly through these links!​

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Q&A is a music & technology company empowering the next generation of artists through teams, technology, tools and services. They recently announced Q&A's flagship software product, Venice for Labels, enabling music distribution, track splits, payments and roster management. StreamRate, Q&A's foray into mobile solutions has launched into a private beta, delivering sentiment analysis for pre-released music.


Q&A is a fully distributed (US only) self-funded organization of about 35 people founded by Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo. They are a team of folks driven by collaboration and love of music. 


If interested email me!