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How we met: I was introduced to RedCircle when Mike Kadin, CEO & Founder, emailed me! I'm an elder millennial, so I LOVE podcasts. Due to that, the product intrigued me. I got on a call with Mike and he also really impressed me. Not only is he trying to build a good product that helps small creators, but he didn't shy away from any topics with me. If I'm chatting with a C-level who is over repped in tech, I want them to be very comfortable talking about why a homogenous team negatively impacts a product and values. Mike really gets it. 

What stands out to me: RedCircle is a team of kind and low ego individuals. They are dedicated to their customers and helping enable their creative outlets. That said, the team has great work/life balance. Emily Reinhold, one of RedCircle's founding engineers told me she stay at RedCircle (3+ years now) because she gets to have a full life outside of work and she really enjoys her co-workers. 

About their team: RedCircle is about 30 people spread across the US. They have a WeWork in Santa Monica that a few folks sit in, but everyone else works remotely and LA is not considered an HQ. They received a Series A in 2021 for 6 million. 

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