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Referral Program

Underpin's Referral Program allows you to get paid for sharing your network.

If you submit a candidate through the Referral Program and they are hired, you will be paid $2,000!


Full details below, but TLDR, I want to pay you! I am thankful for your work and trust in me!

Program Details:

  1. Referrals are good for 1 year. If you refer someone who is hired to a role I recruit for within a year, you will receive a referral payout.

  2. In an effort to be respectful of everyones time, if you refer a candidate who I don't believe is a good fit for a current role, I will not reach out. If this candidate becomes a fit for a role and does get hired (within a year), I will let you know so you can receive your referral payout.

  3. If you refer someone who has previously been referred, the original referrer will receive the referral payout. I will let you know right away if this person has been referred previously. 

  4. If I have been in contact with someone you refer about roles through Underpin within the last year, you are not eligible for a referral payout. If it was more than one year ago, you are eligible for the referral payout. I will let you know immediately if you refer someone I am currently in communication with.

  5. Referral payouts are only eligible if you both are US based. I may expand this in the future, but I am a team of one, so want to ensure I am able to pay you and document legally for my business.

  6. If you give me a work contact email for a candidate, I will not reach out to them (I won't email people at their current job). 

  7. You must know your referral. If you refer someone and I reach out and they have no idea who you are, you will be ineligible from future participation in the referral program.

  8. You will be paid out 2 weeks after your referral starts their new job. This is when I bill clients. 

  9. I am not able to proactively update you of your referrals interview process (again, just a team of one here!), but I will contact you if your referral has been hired.

  10. There is no cap on number of referrals or payouts. Keep them coming.


*Tax Information - Due to payout size, this money does have to be taxed. Before you are able to be paid, you will have to submit a W9 to Underpin and I will issue you a 1099 at the end of the fiscal year.

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