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How we met: I started hearing about Tailscale through Twitter when Brad Fitzpatrick announced he was joining as a co-founder. They stayed on my radar as developer communities started praising their product. I was lucky enough to have Denton Gentry reach out to me and inquire about working together. I had also heard my twitter friend, Maya Kaczorowski had joined, so I had to check it out!

What stands out to me: Tailscale is not only building a great product, but they REALLY care about their teams. One of the first things Denton and I spoke about was psychological safety of their teams and how they experiment and do retros on how meetings are run to ensure that it works for all team members. They also deeply care about Open Source, so if contributing is your thing, this could be a great fit.  They also do a paid takehome during their interview process.

About their team: Tailscale is a Canadian founded company and their 40 person team is spread across the US & Canada. Everyone works from home and always will. The team is also a good mix of tenure; they are very cognizant about not hiring all senior level folks. They also just announced a 100 million Series B!

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